About Our Research

A Quest for Knowledge
Exploration of New Frontiers in Health Science

The Limitless Possibilities of Oysters

Particularly famous for their zinc and taurine content, each Oyster consists
a “well-balanced formula" of Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino-Acids.
Their nutritional content is unrivaled even by other similar shellfish, and
can be said to be an "elixir" placed in the oceans by the benevolence of our divine creator.

Using a thoroughly scientific approach, we at Japan Clinic have delved into
the science behind the health benefit synergy created by the various nutrients of oysters.
Through our explorative endeavors we have obtained numerous patents,
such as but not limited to the Z-Substance and FC-Substance, and successfully
achieved our goal of delivering a means of accessing this “elixir” to our customers.

In praise of their rich nutritional content,
Oysters were once referred to as "The Milk of the Seas" here in Japan.
However, given the seemingly boundless benefits of Oysters, this title can no longer
fully capture their greatness.
The pursuit down this path is our eternal mission.

Research and Academics

In 1983 we had established our Central Research Center,
and began our research of Oyster Extract from an academic standpoint.
Since then we have accumulated a vast amount of scientific data,
which we utilize in the development of our dietary supplement products.

Japan Trace Nutrients Research Society

Established with the Goal of Elucidating
the Functional Processes of Trace Nutrients

The Trace Nutrients Research Society was established in 1984
with the aim of contributing to society’s well-being
by elucidating the correlations between trace nutrients and human health.
The research performed by this society are not confined to
topics pertaining to oyster extract, but that of all trace nutrients in general.
Year by year their research is gaining recognition as significant contributions to academia.
Japan Clinic is the leading financial contributor to this society.

JTN Research Society