As a pioneer of the oyster extract supplement industry, we at Japan Clinic employ unique decoction methods to carefully extract valuable nutrients from oysters fully intact.

The Balanceter WZ is a 21st century innovation for our oyster extract products, where the tablets are fortified with the patented FC-Substance (No. 3267962). Extracted through the patented W-Extraction method (No. 3429726), the FC-Substance’s main property is to increase the absorbability of minerals, which are otherwise difficult to absorb into our system.

We at Japan Clinic do not simply reinforce our products with Zinc, as does many of our competitors; we pride ourselves on dealing with only natural Zinc extracted from oysters. Through our methods, we’ve managed to extract 2.8 times the Zinc compared to the WZ’s predecessor, the Balanceter Z.

The Balanceter WZ is exclusively sold at affiliated drug stores that are recognized members of the JCOE Research Society. (JCOE Exclusive)
Product List
  • 120 Tablet Bottle
  • 260 Tablet Bottle
  • 480 Tablet Bottle
  • 4 Tablets per Sachet×10 Sachets×3 Boxes
  • 56 Tablet Bottle
About the JCOE Research Society
The JCOE(Japan Creative Oyster Extract) Research Society was founded in 1994. Member stores provide their customers with specialty advice for health-care, taking care to fully inform them about the various efficacies of Japan Clinic’s products.

As health-care stations that promote self-medication, JCOE member stores first provide their customers with thorough consultation services, and if the needs match, suggests the Balanceter WZ as the solution.

Since 1988, the JCOE Research Society has contributed both man-power and funding to annual reforestation projects organized under the guidance of Mr. Saneatsu Hatakeyama (Chief Director of the NPO “Mori-wa-Umi-no-Koibito”)

Due to its restricted nature as a JCOE Exclusive product, the Balanceter WZ cannot be purchased online.
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