Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Over 100 Test Categories to Ensure our Premium Quality Standards

In our Quality Assurance Division, tests are performed on our ingredients in categories ranging from radioactive nuclide, heavy metal and microbial assays. Furthermore, our final products are checked for tablet hardness, misprinted labels and packages as well as proper color usage. Such tests number over 100 in total.


Precautionary Measures to Ensure Safety

In order to ensure the safety of our dietary supplements,
Japan Clinic has an integrated traceability system in place to monitor its operations
from ingredient procurement to the point where the finished products
reach the consumers.

GMP Certification

GMP stands for
Good Manufacturing Practice
and demands conformity to strict guidelines pertaining
to the manufacture and sale of products.

The guidelines dictate the standard for everything from
the factory’s structural requirements, production procedures, and quality assurance protocols.
Through adherence to such guidelines, Japan Clinic’s Miyazu Factory
has been granted GMP certification.