Production Process

Science and the Ocean,
Bound Together by Oysters.

In today’s market countless dietary supplement brands saturate the market.
However, we pride ourselves on being the only manufacturer that produces Oyster Extract
while accepting guests to come and tour our production facility.
With the most recent renovations completed in 2016,
we have bolstered our safety standards and quality assurance protocols
such that our consumers are delivered with only the best products.

Furthermore, through seamless coordination between our Central Research Center,
Food and Nutrition Counseling Room, Scientific Research Database, Marketing Divisions,
and sales offices located throughout Japan, we shall continue to make
the utmost effort to develop industry leading products.


Raw Ingredient (Oysters)

We use only the best quality oysters, farmed in the
pristine waters of the Seto-Inland Sea.


Crude Oyster Extract

Crude Oyster Extract is produced by means of decoction,
liquid-solid separation and refinement.
※ Crude Oyster Extract consists only of the liquid
separated from solid reside.


Dehydrated Blocks

Using an industrial drum dryer, the Crude Oyster Extract is converted into a solid "biscuit-like" form.


Oyster Extract Powder

The "biscuits" are then pulverized into powder form.


Uncoated Oyster Extract Tablets

The powder is then tableted and subsequently sugar-coated.



The sugar-coated tablets are then bottled.



Upon packaging, the boxes are then shrink-wrapped
and completed.