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The power of the oceans.

Timeless: Oyster Extract

In 2014 Japan Clinic, along with our Oyster Extract,
had celebrated their 40th anniversary since foundation.

To this date, we continue to be blessed with the love and support of our customers
no differently from the day it all began.
We have been blessed to receive patronage from three generations and counting
from our beloved customers.

In self-reflection, we stepped back and pondered the crucial factor
in having the customer choose our Oyster Extract.
We came to the conclusion that it had been our ceaseless endeavor
in research and development to keep our products in their top-of-the-line position
and our unwavering determination to retain our image as the most reliable producers of Oyster Extract.

According to feedback from our customers,
the number one reason for choosing our products to maintain their health is
our product's positioning as an all-encompassing aging-care supplement
that is known for prolonging Healthy Life Expectancy (HLE).

Oysters have served human beings as a source of sustenance for over 10,000 years.
They contain a seemingly infinite number of possible health benefits,
many of which have yet to be identified.
In 1974 our researchers had embarked on an endless journey
to seek out and understand the remaining secrets that the oyster still withholds.

Oyster Extract is the product of a long history of human trial and error
in their search for a means to maintain health.
Japan Clinic strives to always be leaders in this unchanging vector towards perfection.
We welcome change, we will never stop evolution, this is our foundation, and our philosophy.

President: Yutaka Negishi